Values are the bedrock of any organization. They are the foundations on which the organization is built. These values govern the individual and corporate behaviour that will take the organization from where it is now, to achieving the mission while living the vision outlined. Values are the standards that help us identify the culture that we wish to establish and guide our conduct in a variety of settings. An organization’s values might be thought of as a moral compass for its business practices. While circumstances may change, ideally values do not. Vision and mission statements provide direction, focus, and energy to accomplish shared goals. Values express the integrity that individuals and organizations believe in. They serve as a decision-making tool in daily interactions that guide behaviour. The following values represent how Vaishno Mega Movers choose to operate. They are the keys to our success and need to be maintained at every level and in every aspect. Core values are what support our vision, shape the culture and reflect what the company aspires to achieve. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values.

1. Timelines
2. Efficiency
3. Cost Effectiveness
4. Flexibility
5. Reliability
6. Convenience to our clients


One of the key success factors for any logistics company is its ability to maintain strict timelines regarding delivery of material and we are no exception. We value the importance of matching the timeline specified by our client from the core of our heart and leave no stone unturned in making it a reality.


As one of our core values, Efficiency is vital to the success of our operations. Every operation in the company becomes more efficient when the work is focused yet fast, practical yet economical, flexible yet simple. We believe in operational efficiency through efficient management of resources, focusing on activities which create value and collaborate for better solution.

Cost effectiveness

We truly believe that every penny counts and we always aim to optimize our resources to provide cost effective solutions to our clients.


At VMM, we are always open to learning and embrace new things in life. We are flexible yet quite clear about the end objective to be achieved. Our flexibility allows us to think and act smartly while keeping the customers’ expectations in mind and seek out opportunities and take steps to enhance customer satisfaction.


Reliability in the eyes of customers, employees, partners, stakeholders etc hold a very important position in our books. We understand the value of bonding which develops once a relation is built between an organization and its customer, based on trust. We choose to operate with complete transparency and comply with laws, regulations and good business practices. We aim to be honest and reliable and Listen attentively and communicate appropriately with our clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

Convenience to our customers

we aim and always try to provide solutions to customers which are convenient for them. We do not mind walking that extra mile also if it is towards benefitting our customers.