Employee speak

I have been with Vaishno ICD for close to 5 months now. There has not been a single day when I haven’t been motivated to come to work. Vaishno ICD is an integral part of my life now. There is no doubt that company culture, people and above all the career potential that Vaishno ICD offers for professional growth and development keep me going – Naresh Bhosale

I love Vaishno ICD for its Culture, professionalism and trust that every employee enjoys. The organisation has a non-political environment and hence the emphasis is on 'just do a great job and have a good night's sleep – Harmander Sidhu

Vaishno ICD is a great place to work and gives freedom to its employees to achieve their potential and reach greater heights in their career – Kiran Chavan

It has been a great pleasure for me to work with Vaishno ICD for the last couple of months. At Vaishno ICD everyone is quite cooperative and give priority to your performance. The management is very supportive. I'm proud to be associated with this organization - Narendra Bhagat

Vaishno ICD has given me a vibrant dynamic environment to work in, with a super supportive management and a great brand that I am proud to sell - Nishikant Thali