Fraud Awareness

At Vaishno Mega Movers, Integrity is of utmost importance and there is no compromise made on the quality of talent employed. Keeping in line with the overall virtue of gathering the best of human resources for the functioning of this organization, we do not entertain payment of any kind from candidates for employment. We receive a number of complaints from candidates who have posted their resumes in employment websites and they are offered employment at Vaishno Mega Movers that require payment of cash deposit into specified bank accounts. Please note that these are fake job offers. Also note that all mails to candidates have a clear warning against payment of cash for securing jobs at our company. To check the available opening at Vaishno Mega Movers, please check the official website of the company.

Though these fake e-mails may generate from different e-mail IDs or different locations but some common attributes of these fake job offer emails are noticeable. We hereby inform all the prospective employees to read the details carefully before making any kind of payment. Some of the common factors of these mails are -

  • They come from public email ids
  • They claim to come from a non-existent organization but claiming to carry the name of 'Vaishno or Viraj Profiles'
  • They call for cash deposit into a designated bank account
  • To make the offer seem authentic, the email will call for submission of 'qualification documents', 'experience certificate', photographs, etc.
  • The emails will contain numerous apparent grammar and spelling errors.
  • 90% of these mails call the aspirant for an interview at Delhi/Noida /Gurgaon/Mumbai.
  • Often, the contact address, phone numbers given in the email are non-existent and false.

In case you or any of your friends or acquaintances receives such mails, please do not pay/deposit money. These mails must be ignored and reported SPAM. But in the event there was already a payment made, please lodge a complaint with the nearest police station so that necessary action can be taken against the imposters. If you encounter any suspicious mail, advertisements or persons who offer jobs at Vaishno Mega Movers, please do let us know regarding the same so that we may avoid any association with such entities. You can write to us at